Wrestling Belt

Maximal Letters with maximal belts.

An extravagant belt whose use is primarily ceremonial. The belt, usually weighing over 2,000 lbs, symbolizes the wrestler's dominance over others physically, mentally, and romantically. There are ten-thousand wrestling belts in the world, but only one champion: Nightmare.

Legendary or Lost Belts

Trillion Dollar Belt

Lost after the Bingle Bishop's son tossed it into Mount Boom to lull Goldust back to slumber.

The Legend's Belt

Still held onto by its champion, the Iron Shack. None dare to disturb the mighty giant.

Belt of 10,000 Eyes

A belt that grants the user omnipresence. It was sealed deep into bedrock after a tyrannic caliph used it to control WHAMESCO's storylines. Some say the belt is what powers the IB-PumpF.

Dead Man's Belt

A strange belt created before history. Once worn, the belt drains the wrestler of vitality. The dangers of the belt have only caused it to gain a certain mystique as wrestlers dare to triumph over death and wear the belt, proud and alive. Instead, they face full-life consequences.

Belt of the Shadow Dwarves

A belt of near-mythic status. Historians question its authenticity because shadow dwarves don't wear belts.

Primordial Belt of the Ancients


The first belt to ever exist. Said to be housed deep within WHAMESCO's storage warehouses. The belt is first mentioned in the Book of Slams, wherein Crashcombo, filled up on pizza, cannot keep his pants from sagging. He puts off doing anything about it until the Dark Slam Gods nearly defeat the Neo Slam Gods. A pants-readjusting Crashcombo interferes with the Neo Slam Gods' battle and ends up tripping into the others at full force, knocking out Ramrod and Jamboree. Fortunately, Crashcombo sees a vision from an Original Slam God, who berates his choice of pants. Over the course of a several thousand years, the O.S.G. manages to get Crashcombo to invent the belt. Time reverses upon the belt's completion, and Crashcombo quickly puts the belt on after eating an innumerable amount of pizzas, tilting the formerly disastrous battle in the Neo Slam Gods' favor.

Right after, Crashcombo tosses the belt into a deep pit, saying it was uncomfortable.