Wrigguhlromm (Wriggle, for short) has perfected the technique of dislocating all of the bones in his attenuated body so that he can slither through very small spaces and infiltrate near-impregnable strongholds. He has a habit of whispering "Wriggle… in the darkness…" as he does this. Even when the breaching of a tight space is not needed, Wriggle is fond of existing in a dislocated state, using small bursts of Dark Slam Power to self-slam himself from place to place like a horrible, flopping rubber mockery.

Truth be told, the rest of the Dark Slam Gods find Wriggle to be a weirdo, and try to exclude him from their events like Bloodbaths, Dodo bord Massacre Safaris, and Violent G-Factor Races. Wriggle originally spelled his name as Wriggleroom, until he began to (poorly) study German, and altered it to be the current spelling. He is fond of throwing the word "glükenflügle" into conversation with abandon.


SSJ2-Maximum Invisible Scream

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