The Wurstmark is Großtodeswald's currency. Its subcurrency is Sauercent. Because of the long tradition of sausage-making in Großtodeswald, there has always been an excess of sausages which would then get converted into the Wurstmark, a impermanent type of currency and food. Unlike most countries, the Wurstmark currency is actually usually made by the Großtodeswalder citizen. It is his/her hard-working and blood-and-sweat filled effort making sausages that directly correlates to his/her wealth. This strong sausage-ladden meritocracy has been the subject of much criticism, but it is mostly from foreign investors who cannot understand the art of the Wurstmark, always failing to make their own sausages, creating what is known as arme Wurstmark.

The history of the Wurstmark can be traced back to the age of Merovingians in Frankfurt am Main when a unnamed master of sausage-making criticized the feudal lords for their selfishness at the expense of his serfs in a time of great starvation. The lords arrested the sausage-maker, but when he was executed by beheading, it was discovered that his body was filled with the divine delicacy of every variety of sausage from the Bratwürste to the Spiderwürste. The lords, realizing how heart-filled the man was, distributed the sausages to all their people. Frankfurt am Main was saved from certain death as the sausages were enough to last for a hundred years, fattening everyone up with the Power of Heart. In this act of unparalleled kindness, many people, including even the poorest of the serfs, personally took up sausage-making in honor of the great sausage-maker. There would be enough that, after all the original sausage-maker sausages disappeared, there was an abundant and thriving culture on sausage-making in the city, and this prompted the popular use of sausages in bartering and, soon after, currency.

It was this series of events that boosted the city into a place of status. The unnamed sausage-maker's sausage convinced Charlemagne to grace the city with a royal court.