Yolkie is a forest-dwelling Satan. Always wearing an over-sized yellow sweater, she constantly gets mistaken for a gargantuan egg yolk. The question of identity stirs immense grief in her as she ponders if she is really a Satan or actually, indeed, a yolk. She alleviates her deep-seated anxiety by destroying the local wildlife. Her preferred methods of mammal murder are: impalement, tossing off cliffs, izuna drops, beating into puree. In time, she has become increasingly mistaken as a gargantuan murderous egg yolk.

She is the landlord of a small house in the woods with several tenants, including the Fist of the G-Arm, a clairvoyant witch who uses her fortune telling to extinguish the hopes in men's souls, and a giant stained glass window named Rose. One other tenant existed but then they accidentally tried to cook Yolkie, believing her to be an egg yolk. Soon after, they became the Eggs Benedict.

Possibly related to Yellow Satan.