Zillion Zillion University

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Zillion Zillion University's mission statement is unabashedly declared as trying to one-up Billion Billion University in every possible way. Being constructed almost entirely of diamond with the occasional toilet made of platinum, and boasting more swimming pools, amusement parks, and bathrooms than Billion Billion, it is more of a resort-getaway with a few university-like elements mixed in — such as the ever-present slam parties and all-you-can-eat buffets. The entrance bar is set to admitting only the coolest of the cool, yet remarkably, its attendees number greater than every other university combined. The surface area is presumably more than double that of Billion Billion, being so dude huge that no one has ever seen each other again after their first meeting, doomed to wandering its labyrinthine halls eternally distracted from one shiny thing to the next. In fact, it is generally considered to be far superior to Billion Billion University in every way except for the minor detail that it does not technically exist.


Duke Z Slogra is rumored to have attended.

The university mascot is Godzilla.