The Zodiak was a mysterious wrestling Dark Lord whose black magic plagued the WHAMESCO circuit. Worshiping the Almighty Luke rather than the Neo Slam Gods, Zodiak's sacrilegious ways were seen as doubly evil and mysterious. Having promos shot in a dark corner of the universe, Zodiak's voice echoed with an immense grim that sent shivers down any man, woman, or Satan's back. With each new promo, Zodiak's magical powers manifested in increasingly ludicrous voice distortions and cosmic video effects. Eventually, those promos became the foundation of one of the largest cults outside of the Slamdom — but that is a story for another time …

Zodiak's campaign as a wrestling terror led to a new category of heels: The Monster Heel. Zodiak brandished his evilness through heavy-handed mannerisms that echoed the bravado of Old Hell leaders, an unimaginable hatred of the Hard Poundation, and his heinous servant, Jason the Terrible.

Screaming, "Jason and the Zodiak are EXTREMELY ANGRY," Zodiak's vocal cords emanated the aura of a ferocious demon, and its Meganess only increased with each promo. Jason the Terrible's growls became more and more growly. Eventually, they reached the event horizon of terror. Even the commentator could not take their presence, usually remarking, "I guess Jason and his friend, Zodiak, uh… do something." Zodiak's role as a heel was so frightful, that countries began to block WHAMESCO matches on principle of not scaring themselves shitless. In time, the leaders of WHAMESCO decided it was time for the Zodiak to end.

"Praise Luke! Praise Luke," Zodiak stammered upon being requested to cut that shit out. The situation was hopeless until Gemmy Hurt came up with the plan of the century: to instigate a feud between Jason and the Zodiak.

Terry Boulder was tasked with slipping sugar in one of Jason the Terrible's drinks, as Zodiak and Jason the Terrible were heavy drinkers. The next day, Zodiak and his sugared minion came up against the Bret Hard and the mischievous Terry Boulder. Fist came to fist, but soon Jason the Terrible entered a terrible sugar rush. In a sudden adrenaline-rush, Jason the Terrible's speed rivaled that of the legendary Sonic. In trying to pull off a clothesline, Jason the Terrible ran too fast, phased through Terry Boulder, and zoomed out of the building. Zodiak and Jason the Terrible were disqualified.

Zodiak, unaware of the Boulder tomfoolery, pledged to destroy Jason the Terrible for his idiocy. With that, an impossible feud was born between the two. So much bile ensued that Zodiak went on to call Jason a "traitorous hideous ungrateful mutant hybrid specimen of deformity." The machinations of the WHAMESCO administration were in place. Zodiak arranged a match with Jason the Terrible wherein the winner would remove the loser's mask.

On the day of the match, Jason the Terrible triumphed, free from sugar and the Zodiak's control. Zodiak, trying to escape, found himself ensnared by the strength of freedom. The commentator excitedly clamored, "I wonder if I know who's behind the mask." Jason ripped the mask off and …

No one knew who Zodiak was. Everyone was dumbfounded. Even the commentator could only mutter, "I don't know him. I don't know him."

Zodiak faded from existence in that moment, for the person he was was a person who never existed …

And this became known as WHAMESCO's greatest tragedy.


After visiting Gotham City, Jason the Terrible fell down a manhole and died.